Bridgeview becomes a Health Care Home

Health Care Homes is an Australian Government-funded initiative.
Our practice has been selected as one of about 200 Health Care Homes to take part in this two-year program that runs until December 2019.

As a Health Care Home we will be enrolling approximately 320 patients. The aim is to provide patients who have chronic and complex health conditions with more flexible and tailored cared. Complex conditions include long-term conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung conditions.

Health Care Homes’ model of care could be beneficial for you. Here are some of the pluses: 

  • Your health, your doctor — you can choose the doctor you currently see to lead your care team.
  • A care team — as a Health Care Home patient, you will have your own care team, led by your doctor. We will work together to help you look after your health and help address your concerns.  
  • A shared care plan — a shared care plan will be developed with you to help set your health goals; and a way of achieving them. It will help us keep an eye on all your conditions and your care. This plan is also shared with all the other health providers you see.
  • Convenience — you can talk to a member of your care team, without always having to make an appointment with your doctor. We might call or email you about your care; and sometimes you might only need to see another member of your care team such as the practice nurse.