Our Appointment System

We strongly recommend you call the practice prior to your appointment to check if your GP is running on time.
The doctors and staff at Bridgeview Medical Practice would like to work together with our patients to improve waiting times. We realise that at times our doctors can run behind with their appointments and we apologise if you have to wait longer than usual. Sometimes emergencies can arise, which cause the doctors to run late or sometimes people just require extra time. We hope you understand that doctors do not like to rush their patients.

Our doctors & staff have made the following commitment:
  • To start on time and work as efficiently as possible.
  • To keep at least one appointment free per session for catching up time.
  • Our receptionists will endeavour to call patients if the doctor is running late.
  • At Bridgeview Medical Practice, all urgent appointments will be seen on the day of request, but please phone as early as possible from 8.00am. We are also committed to assessing and managing unscheduled low level emergencies (such as cuts, suspected fractures, shortness of breath, fainting and falls).
We would ask our patients to help in the following areas:
We are happy to see more than one family member but please ensure that you have made an appointment for each person prior to attending. Seeing extra patients without an appointment takes extra time and keeps other patients waiting.
  • A standard consultation is 15 minutes. If you require Cervical screening, have more than one issue to discuss or a complex problem, please advise at the reception that you require a long consultation so that more time will be made available for you.
  • Please advise your doctor of ALL the issues you wish to discuss at the start of the consultation.
  • Please be on time for your appointment unless you have been advised that the doctor is running late. If you are late, it means all the subsequent patients will be kept waiting.
  • If you have been sitting in our waiting room for longer than 30 minutes, please ask the receptionist to check that your arrival has been entered on the computer.
Waiting times have long been an issue in medical practices; with our team approach we aim to keep them to a minimum.