Women's Health

Across all ages focusing on specific age groups and issues that arise on these following groups
  • Adolescent health


  • Reproductive age
      - Family planning

Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children in a family and the intervals between their births. Contemporary notions of family planning, however, tend to place a woman and her childbearing decisions at the center of the discussion, as notions of women's empowerment and reproductive autonomy have gained traction in many parts of the world.

Family planning may involve consideration of the number of children a woman wishes to have, including the choice to have no children, as well as the age at which she wishes to have them.

These matters are influenced by external factors such as marital situation, career considerations, financial position, any disabilities that may affect their ability to have children and raise them, besides many other considerations.


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  • Pregnancy Care
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  • Perimenopause / Midlife     


  • Postmenopause


  • Preventive Health
-Breast screening

-Cervical screening 

-Bone Health